I've seen lots of discussions about how to get the best screencaptures in
your documents, etc., etc., but has anybody every explained how FM decides
on the DPI setting when you import a file?

Yes, I know I can set whatever DPI I like.

I mean, when the dialog appears, there's always a selection already
highlighted. Sometimes it's one of the hardwired ones, sometimes it's a
value filled in in the type-your-own-dpi field.

My question is:  What makes this pre-loaded selection be different from one
incoming file to the next?  Assume, for the sake of argument that all my
imported graphics are jpg files, and all of them were captured with SnagIt. 

I could see FM changing the settings if there were a sensible outcome from
accepting its recommendation, but quite often the result would be
nonsensical (a largish dialog at 300dpi comes out looking like a postage
stamp, for example, while the immediate previous dialog was preselected (and
accepted by me) at 96dpi and looked fine).

Kevin (just curious, really)

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