Since responding, per below, I have discussed this with
our FrameMaker support organization and can update you
as to what is really going on.

The following is their response:

        This is by design. Five minutes after FrameMaker 7.1-7.2
        has performed the last PDF conversion, it closes Acrobat 


I have tried this scenario with FrameMaker 7.2b144 and Acrobat 7.0.5
and indeed, after about five minutes of no further "use" by FrameMaker,
Distiller does shutdown.

(Some of you may ask, why is this done? The reason is that of
Many times a user will make a PDF file, see an error, quickly fix the
source document, and then attempt to make a PDF file again, all within
a few minutes. By not needing to relaunch Distiller, quite a bit of
overhead of Distiller startup in terms of elapsed time is avoided. The
Distiller staying open for five minutes is a minor annoyance compared to
the overhead of continually restarting Distiller after simple changes.)

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> Confirming that the "annoying behaviour" is real. I'll submit
> as bug to FrameMaker team.
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> > On Tuesday of this week I installed the patch to FrameMaker 
> > 7.2. Since then, when I save as PDF, Distiller doesn't 
> > automatically close when the PDF is complete (as it used to 
> > in Frame 7.0). Before I upgraded to 7.2 I uninstalled 
> > FrameMaker 7.0 but left Acrobat Professional (v7.0.5) alone.
> > During the FrameMaker 7.2 installation I declined to install 
> > Distiller. Now that I think of it, the change in behavior may 
> > have happened with the 7.2 upgrade (I installed the upgrade 
> > on November 29 and didn't create a lot of PDFs in the 
> > intervening week).
> > 
> > At any rate, does anyone know of a preferences setting that 
> > will close Distiller when it is finished? For now I've set 
> > Distiller and my Adobe PDF printer to show me the result in 
> > Acrobat when complete, so I at least know when the job is 
> > finished. But I still have to close Distiller manually and 
> > I'd rather have that happen automatically.
> > 
> > I'm on digest, so copy me directly if appropriate. Otherwise 
> > I'll read your responses Monday morning. Thanks for any help 
> > you can give me.
> > 
> > Beverly
> > speaking for herself only
> > 

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