I think I missed the first part of the thread, but my ImportFormatsSpecial 
plugin will allow you to only import User Variables into your document or 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi Rebecca,
> I am also looking for a way to import only user variables into my Frame
> files.
> I tried to gut a mif file as you suggested. Using a text editor, I removed
> all the system variable definitions from the mif file and left in all the
> user variable definitions. I didn't touch any of the other definitions 
> since
> I'm only going to import variables. When I opened the file in FrameMaker,
> FrameMaker put all the system variables back in with some default values. 
> I
> didn't save the mif in FrameMaker. I made it read-only before even opening
> in FM just to be sure. Am I missing a step?
> Sivia

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