I am doing some testing for export of a Frame (7.1) document to XML
and SGML.  I am particularly interested in the maximum length of
attribute values.  I found that there's not really a limit when
exporting to XML (I tried 5kb of text).  However, when exporting to
SGML, it only exports the first 511 (!) bytes, not even 512.  I do
seem to remember that this value can be fixed/increased in the SGML
declaration, however I can't find any documentation on which keyword
corresponds to attribute value length.  I tried LITLEN, ATTSPLEN, and
some others, but even their current values are not set to 511 (or
512).  Or is this limitation to be looked for elsewhere?

On a related, less offtopic note: Can I export such an attribute to an
element using the Import/Export Rules?

And finally, how difficult is it to convert the Rules file to XSLT?
(Just in case we upgrade to 7.2.)  I would describe my XSL knowledge
as fair.


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