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From: Bodvar Bjorgvinsson <>
Date: Dec 18, 2005 12:07 AM
Subject: Re: Copying master page layouts and graphics
To: "Lester C. Smalley" <lsmalley at>

On 12/16/05, Lester C. Smalley <lsmalley at> wrote:
> Stacie,

> But what is not happening is having the specific "first" page applied to
> the individual chapters. I don't think this is possible automatically
> without some sort of scripting tool (e.g. FrameScript under windows or
> AppleScript on a Mac) but it is very easy.

Well, actually it is. If you had set the rules in the reference pages
to apply master page "First" (or whatever name you may have given it)
to e. g. the Chapter Title paragraph tag, updating the book has an
option to "Apply master pages". With that option checked, and the
master pages and reference pages imported as previously described by
Lester and Art, the master page "First" will indeed be applied to each

You can also go to each chaper and go to Format > Page Layout > Apply
Master Pages (I think I have this right, writing this from Linux, I
don't have FrameMaker open), and it will work the same way, but only
on the current file. It is all in the Reference Page.

Actually, if you haven't yet done this with the first file, importing
formats including reference pages will do nothing for you but copy the
master page "First" to the other files (along with all other things
selected and in place), so you should really start by your first
chapter (or any otherwise ready chapter) and:

Format > Page Layout > Apply Master Pages. This will prompt you with a
message saying that no reference page exists for applying master
pages, but one will be made (if you go through with this). Do that.
Then go to the reference pages (View > Reference Pages) and you will
find this as the last reference page. Do the changes there according
to the "FrameMaker 7.0, The Complete Reference" (which is probably the
book you are mentioning as "Complete Reference") or the User Guide,
setting the Master Page First to the paragraph format tag that you are
using for the chapter title. Then, do the Format > Page Layout > Apply
master pages again, and you will find that the fist page has changed.

Then you can select all but the first chapter file in the book file
and import to these the formats again, but the only part that needs to
be checked now is Reference pages. This should do the trick.

Just check this out. Good luck.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

> You'll have to open each chapter individually, and use the Format > Page
> Layout > Master Page Usage dialog to set the first page of the file to
> use the custom "first" master page design.  This command does not appear
> if the book is the active window - you must be in a document file.
> On Friday, December 16, 2005 01:35 PM, Stacie Knas wrote:
> | I have a structured book with about 10 chapters.  I want the
> | first page of each chapter to use master page "first".  I
> | have created this master page in the first chapter, as well
> | as finessed that chapter's right- and left-hand pages.
> | Is there a way besides manually copying to apply these pages
> | to all pertinent chapters?
> |
> | The "Complete Reference" describes how to copy the mapping
> | information from master pages, but that doesn't help me.
> | I've tried, from the book level, highlighting the pertinent
> | chapters (with or without the desired master pages chapter)
> | and applying across the book, but even when I brave saying OK
> | to the warning message asking me if I'm sure I want to do
> | that, it doesn't seem to do anything.
> |

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