Hi Murray,
You appear to be the victim of an old and well documented bug. You need to
download a patch at the following address.


Berny Gagne 
Technical Writer
Husky Injection Molding systems Ltd
Bolton, Ontario, Canada 

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Subject: INTERNAL ERROR message

I can not open a nine-chapter book.

I respond to the unavailable fonts warning by clicking the OK button.

I respond to the Looking for [missing screen shot] by updating the Document
to Use New Path.

When I click Continue, I see an INTERNAL ERROR message.

Similarly, when I choose Skip This File, and when I choose Ignore All
Missing Files, I also see the same INTERNAL ERROR message.

I am using FrameMaker & SGML Version 6.0p357, XP Pro 2002 SP 2.

The problem is unique to this book

Mississauga Ontario Canada

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