This is what I call "phantom unresolved cross references," a phenomenon that
I believe started with version 6. I've been able to get rid of these
phantoms by opening the file that is reported as having one or more
unresolved xrefs, saving the file as .mif, opening the .mif file, and saving
it back as .fm (overwriting the old file).

In some circumstances, which I've admittedly not delved into deeply, this
happen regularly. I think that conditions have something to do with it.

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FrameMaker 7.0p579 - Windows XP

When I open certain docs I get a message that there are unresolved
cross-references, however, when I do a search for unresolved
cross-references it says "None found." I have all conditions turned
on...nothing is hidden. I have a similar problem on another doc. When
opening it says there is a missing graphic. I tell it to skip that
graphic and when I look through the document I can't find any gray boxes
indicating a missing graphic. I have looked at the Reference pages and
can't find anything. Can anyone tell me how to find these elusive
missing pieces?


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