When you create a new document in FrameMaker, the paragraph and character 
formats etc are derived from the document used as the template for the new 

If you create a new document using the File > New menu option, FrameMaker bases 
the document on the file "custom" in the FrameMaker fminit directory. As this 
is a FrameMaker document you can open it and make changes to the paragraph 
formats and so on. Save it with the same name and FrameMaker will use it as the 
template for any future custom documents. This procedure is described in the 
Frame manual in the section "Changing templates for blank paper and text 
files", P293 for Frame 5.5, P326 for Frame 7 (I don't have Frame 6). It's 
probably also in the online help.

I think you are mistaken about Distiller failing to produce press-quality PDF 
files if it finds any Truetype fonts. There have been many messages on this 
list from Dov Isaacs of Adobe about this very subject.

Phil Heron
Technical Writer - CODA

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Dear Framemaker users,

Is it possible to change the default font (currently Times New Roman) that 
Framemaker uses for paragraph, character, table formats etc?

I have looked in maker.ini, but its font defaults relate ONLY to what font 
substitutions are made where a user doesn't have a particular font.

I don't EVER want to use Times New Roman or any other Truetype font in a 
document that I prepare for commercial printing. Distiller fails to produce 
press-quality PDF files if it finds any Truetype fonts. And it can be very 
difficult to find exactly where the Truetype font is lurking in a Framemaker 

The only workaround I can see currently is to delete everything from the 
paragraph, character and table catalogs, and start from scratch.


Patrick Scully, Director
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