Printing to a Xerox Docutek from a PDF (version 1.4 compatibility created 
created in Acrobat 7) from FrameMaker 7, the screen captures look low-res, 
300-dpi-ish (a bit pixelly).

 The Job options are set as follows:

 Resolution on the main tab = 600dots per inch

 On the Images tab:
 For Color and Grayscale Images Downsampling is turned Off and Compression is 
set to ZIP.
 For Monochrome Images (which I assume does not apply to screen captures), 
Downsampling is set to 1200 ppi for images above 1800 and Compression is CCITT 
Group 4, with Anti-alias to gray turned Off.

 The images in the FM chapters are generally set to a resolution to fit the 
text column, between 120 and 216 dpi with very few, if any, above that.

 These PDFs print fine off a variety of office laser printers (Kyocera and HP) 
and ink jets (mixed brands), etc. The Docutek in question prints text and line 
art fine and has a printing resolution of 600dpi.

 Anyone offer any advice?



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