FrameMaker always sets the left edge of the reference frame (that box
holding the image on the Ref page) to align with the left edge of the
text column, so the apparent placement of an image is based on its
offset from the left edge of the ref frame.

To get a right-aligned image, you need to make the reference frame the
same width as the text frame on the body pages and then right-align the
image within it.

If you have occasions where you want the SectionLine to be left aligned,
and others for right aligned, you will have to have two different frames
on the reference page.

On Thursday, December 29, 2005 02:07 PM, Tammy.VanBoening at

| I have a graphic that I created on a Reference page called 
| SectionLine. I selected this graphic as the Frame Below Pgf 
| for a tag named SectionHeading. The paragraph tag itself is 
| right-aligned on the page. I would therefore like this 
| graphic to be right-aligned also. Right now, when I select 
| SectionLine as the graphic for the Frame Below Pgf, it is 
| showing up as a left-aligned graphic. How do I get this 
| graphic to right-align for the paragraph?
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