>Let's say someone created a FrameMaker edition of
>Trivial Pursuit. What knowledge categories would you
>expect it to have?

* Menu items through the ages, added, moved, dropped
* Keystroke shortcuts for common tasks that you never see asked about 
or discussed, but which exist, such as delete to end of line, 
beginning of line, etc.
* Bugs and wish-list items that have been around the longest time 
without being resolved
* Features added in which release
* Documented commands whose documentation is dropped, but which still 
exist (Freeze Pagination, Open Heroic, PostScript code text frames, 
Split Text Frames, etc.)
* unix command line commands
* Names of all formerly-supported unix platforms and windowing systems
* Features supported on some platforms but not others (screen capture 
and macros on unix, etc.)

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