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>I have an FM file with a colored PDF figure (imported by Ref). (Don't
>ask why I have the PDF figures and not tif or something more suitable,
>currrently, that's what the client has).
>The FM file looks fine.
>Then, after I PDF the FM file (with the PDF figure/s) in it, my PDF
>figures come out in black and white, but not colored. The rest of the
>PDF is fine, including the other fig's (tif or eps or other).
>I'm running FM 6 on Window 2000, acrobat 6 and/or 7 were used to
>create the PDF with the same job options on all apps.

When you import a PDF into FrameMaker, it is converted in the background to 
EPS, and then the EPS result is used.

This conversion is not full-proof. I don't generally use PDF as a graphic 
format, but I did come across color distortions in imported PDFs (and some 
other abnormalities).

I recommend that you try the following: open the PDF figure in Acrobat, 
export it to EPS from within Acrobat, and then import the EPS into FrameMaker.

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