Sarah O'Keefe and Sheila Loring's excellent FrameMaker 7 'complete reference' 
book gives a method for setting up bleed tabs (thumbtabs) that requires manual 
deletion of unnecessary tabs (i.e. all but the current chapter) in production 
edit. Within structured FrameMaker, is there a way of automating this? 

What is needed is a means of rendering objects visible/invisible depending on 
their chapter number. Perhaps some way of making conditional tags sensitive to 
their context in the book...?

Another approach I've tried is to include a rotated B flow flush to the page 
edge and insert the bleed tabs as conditionalised anchored frames. This allows 
tabs to be turned on and off with conditions,  but I don't like these objects 
being on body pages, and it doesn't get round the issue of making them 
sensitive to chapter number.

Failing that, I guess it could be done using the feature for mapping master 
pages to paragraphs, but I cannot see it working out very elegantly, as one 
would have to hack some sort of 'hidden' mapping between chapter number and 
paragraph tags.

Any ideas, anyone?

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