Wim Hooghwinkel wrote:

> I have been asked to develop some templates (stylesheets) for XSL:FO
> to be used with XML documents.
> Is there a way or are there any tools avaialble that can convert
> FrameMaker EDD/Templates into XSLT stylesheets/templates?

Not that I'm aware of, but I can't say that I've really looked for them.

> Any recommendatoins for creating XSL:FO templates (tools, open source
> software, pitfalls)?
> We need XSL:FO templates for both DocBook based and DITA based
> applications.

Writing a complete XSL:FO for DocBook is theoretically impossible, as 
the structure is endlessly recursive. In practical terms then, you need 
to look at your documents for guidance about which contexts to code for. 
If you have documents, you can use something like the 'Topologi 
Professional Edition*' (http://www.topologi.com) to generate a list of 
all of the existing XPaths, then only write rules for the contexts you 
need to support.

If you don't have documents, I suggest you prune the structure of 
DocBook ruthlessly, even to the point where you suspect that it will be 
deficient for your documentation needs, then reinstate elements when and 
where required based on request and justification. (Hopefully you've 
already done this for your FrameMaker application.) If you sign up for 
creating an XSL:FO stylesheet to comprehensively handle DocBook, you'll 
find yourself on a hiding to nowhere.

* Topologi is a commercial product, but does have a 30 day free 
download. My company does have an interest in it, so you should weigh my 
advice accordingly.


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