Easy.  In the TOC file, use the Basic tab of the Paragraph Designer to set the 
Left indent to be greater than the First indent.  And if your page numbers are 
right-aligned with a tab stop, you'll want to go to the TOC reference page and 
insert two tabs between the <$paratext> and <$pagenum> in each of the prototype 

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        I have a table of contents that is dynamically generated from the 
contents of a book (I do this for 12 different books).  At times the length of 
the text in the element I have to use to create the entries in the table of 
contents is too long and it wraps to a second line.

        Is there a way to elegantly handle this situation?

        What I would like to be able to do is set up a tab so that when the 
text wraps there is a little bit of an indent to show that the new line is 
still part of the original element.

        Thanks in advance,

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