Chris Despopoulos has a great utility "TOCbreaker" that helps solve this 
problem if you're running under Windows.  See where you can get more info 
about this (and other tools).

You'll have to make the manual breaks once, but thereafter can easily restore 
those same line breaks after generating a new table of contents..

- Lester

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        From: Tweedy, Scott
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        Subject: RE: Table of Contents Question - 2

        Thanks for the answers.  I think my mind is becoming blurry that I 
can't see the easy answers and think they all have to be much more complex than 
they are.

        I have a second issue.

        the text I want in the table of contents is left justified and the page 
number is right justified.  I use the Reference Page 
<$elementonly>(tab)....<$pagenum>.  When the text is just long enough that it 
"runs into" the page number the page number wraps to the next line instead of 
the text "breaking" and then wrapping.  Here's an example of what I mean:

        ILS or ILS/RADAR RWY 26L.......177
        SID(VECTOR) VANCOUVER......179
        NOISE ABATEMENT (pg 1)........180

        Is there a way to detect the conflict and "break" the text for page 178 
so that it reads like this:

        ILS or ILS/RADAR RWY 26L.......177
        SID(VECTOR) VANCOUVER......179
        NOISE ABATEMENT (pg 1)........180


        From: Tweedy, Scott
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        Subject: Table of Contents Question

        I have a table of contents that is dynamically generated from the 
contents of a book (I do this for 12 different books).  At times the length of 
the text in the element I have to use to create the entries in the table of 
contents is too long and it wraps to a second line.

        Is there a way to elegantly handle this situation?

        What I would like to be able to do is set up a tab so that when the 
text wraps there is a little bit of an indent to show that the new line is 
still part of the original element.

        Thanks in advance,

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