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>I'm using FrameMaker 6.0.
>I have a book with many conditions in it. Within the conditional text,
>there are cross-references. Some of the cross-references are to text
>marked with the same conditions and therefore shown at the same time.
>Some of the cross-references are to text that is unconditional, so
>that the cross-reference text to a heading, etc. might be hidden.
>The cross-references are formatted to show the heading text and page number.
>Here's my problem: When I show all conditions and update the
>cross-references, the page numbers are automatically updated, but they
>lose their condition tag. When I then hide the conditions, the page
>number still shows, because it became unconditional. (If I manually
>update the cross-reference, it will pick up the condition again.)
>"For more information, refer to Starting your System on page 23."
>("Starting your System on page 23" is the cross-reference)
>This entire sentence can be hidden with conditional text. However,
>when I updated cross-references with all conditions showing, "on page
>23" remains unconditional and therefore shows when I hide the
>This seems to happen consistently to the same cross-references,
>although I cannot seem to find a pattern across my book.

Sounds similar to the bug where one of two consecutive character formats 
present in a cross-reference format is removed when you Update References 
through a book.

Please see Adobe tech note #317963,  "Updating a FrameMaker 6.0 or 5.x Book 
File Removes Character Formats in Cross-References" 
-- -- it may have 
information related to the problem you experience. This bug is not specific 
to FrameMaker 6 or 5.x, and is encountered in FrameMaker 7.x as well.

Shlomo Perets

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