Irfan has the same function: File>Thumbnails, and then (if you want)
File>Create Contact sheet, which allows you to specify how you want the
sheet to appear.
Really useful for finding duplicate images, or to have as a "cheat
sheet" for picking images out of a library.

(Not trashing ACDSee -- I used it for many years, and was quite happy
with it.)


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        I echo Rene's statement - I have been using it for almost 4
years - it's greatest feature for me is the ability to browse graphics
folders and print really awesome "proof sheets" of large numbers of
screenshots and other graphics. This is a tremendous aid to me when
documenting a UI.


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        I rather like ACDSee - not free, but very inexpensive.  I'm a bit partial to its browsing
capabilities, among other things.

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        Irfanview is my viewer of choice, and pretty much the first app
I install on any computer I use.  
        5-stars plus in my book.

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                Irvanview does it for you through its user interface.


                the guy (irfan) is a saint, your shareware donation is
dirt cheap. Recommended by tucows, ZDnet, and the Acadamy search

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                        > Grant: 
                        > If you need to do the same operation to the
                        > degree on all the graphics, consider creating
                        > batch process in PhotoShop on a directory of 
                        > files. You could write the originals to a 
                        > safe-keeping subfolder, or rename them, while 
                        > keeping the processed copies in the original
                        > Perhaps SnagIt offers a batch operation, too? 
                        > At 4:45 PM -0700 11/22/05, Grant Hogarth
                        > >Ah well... *sigh* 
                        > >Yes, I can do it in Snagit. 
                        > >I can also do it in Photoshop -- 
                        > >I was just trying to save some time/brain

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