At 07:21 AM 3/31/2006, Daniel Emory wrote:
>This bug is in FM+SGML 6, and I'm curious whether it's
>also in later releases.
>...The bug is unaffected by whether
>the Footnote element is included in the structure rule
>of those text containers, or is listed as an inclusion
>under those text containers...


>Here's how the bug is expressed:
>1. In insert a footnote element in the text of a Body
>2. The Footnote paragraph properly appears (in the
>smaller font size) at the bottom of the page, and I
>type in the content of the footnote. Everything up to
>now works as it should.
>3. Now, in the footnote text, I select a word or
>phrase and use the element catalog to select a text
>range element (e.g., Emphasis) and wrap the selected
>text with that text range element.
>When I wrap the selected text with the text range
>element FrameMaker changes the paragraph format of the
>Footnote from Footnote to Body (the paragraph format
>of the text where the footnote was inserted). This
>anomalous result does not occur randomly--It occurs
>every single time. Restoring the proper formatting to
>the footnote text requires re-importing the document's
>structure rules back into itself.

   The behavior you describe has not changed through FM 7.2.

   A couple of observations:

1) You comment that it doesn't matter whether the text range is defined as 
an inclusion or contextual element. This is correct; formatting is 
completely independent of whether an element structure is valid and, if 
valid, how it is defined.

2) You claim that you need to reapply element definitions to restore the 
desired formatting. This is not correct. You can reformat an individual 
element by changing it to itself. In your case, you can reformat the 
footnote by changing the Footnote element to a Footnote. This behavior may 
seem unmotivated, but it parallels other familiar FM conventions. In 
particular, suppose you have overridden a paragraph format (in a structured 
or unstructured document). If you apply the paragraph format from the 
paragraph catalog, you restore all properties to the values in the catalog.


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