I used to create HTML pages from Frame very frequently (at least from 6 years 
ago) simply by saving to HTML as well (after importing a FM template 
appropriate for the online files).

I'm not sure if that's what you mean by 'control/access the code". 

Do you need to change the output filenames to concure with the developers? 
Because our developers wrote a simple program to convert the filenames (after 
they found it in the generated HTML text)

If you want to change info in the HTML code, i.e. change heading sizes and page 
breaks, control the Cross Ref formats, etc, that is done on the FM ref pages in 
the HTML mappings page. 

One thing you can't do, is create a searchable INDEX and TOC to collate all 
your HTML pages. 
For that you would have to use either WebWorks or MIF2GO. 

Curently, our team must decide to use either of the tools.
I've been evaluating WebWorks ePublisher Pro and am very pleased by its ease of 
use. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a complete set of Manuals yet, and 
are continually fixing bugs.

I would like to hear from you'all about the advantages of either MIF2GO or 
Webworks over the other (please disregard pricing for now) if anyone has 
experience with both.

Thanks a bunch, 

Orly Zimmerman
Technical Writer
Tadiran Telecom LTD
orly.zimerman at tadirantele.com

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