Hi, Gillian:

In addition to Clint's note, you can find more detail by searching FM 
online help or Google for book page count framemaker.

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

At 9:55 AM -0700 4/4/06, Owen, Clint wrote:
>As you can see, <$lastpagenum> only picks up the value from the chapter
>where it resides. You can get it to work as you want by using a cross
>reference. Put <$lastpagenum> in a paragraph by itself somewhere in the
>second chapter (I put it on an un-used master page), then create a cross
>reference marker called "Total Pg Count" or something. Now go to your first
>chapter and invoke the cross reference from the other chapter instead of the
>variable. It is not as elegant, but it works. Make sure that you update your
>cross references.

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