Dear Framers,

We are using FrameMaker6.0+sgml and have a template for the List of Figures, 
but in the instance of a special publication, we also need a List of Tables. I 
have taken the List of Figures template and transformed it to serve as a List 
of Tables and it works very well with one exception: it doesn't get the page 
numbers right. There is a difference of 1 page number, i.e. the first table is 
on page 8 and on the List it reads "Table 1 - Title.... page7"

Could anyone please help and tell me where I got it wrong?

Our publication is composed of one book containing 12 Frame documents, the 
generated List of tables and of Figures are the last pages but one. The 
document is written on both pages left and right and I have made a different 
setting for these which seems to be working correctly.

I have checked and rechecked the documents, all of them start on the right page 
and have an even number of pages, allowing for a blank page on the left side 
where necessary. The blank pages are all auto-numbered correctly.

When we print to PDF everything is fine, the cross-references work well and the 
table of contents which lists each first to 3rd level paragraph Title is OK.

The List of Figures is correct!

Is there a way to tell the List to start with the right page number?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

H?l?ne Cambreleng 

Editions Techniques Ferroviaires (ETF) 

16 rue Jean Rey - 75015 PARIS 

cambreleng at 

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