At 16:54 +0100 7/4/06, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>I am in the situation in which I want an element to be able to check whether 
>its *parent* is the first element of *its* parent.
>Put another way, element A needs to be able to check whether A's parent is the 
>first element of A's grandparent.
>The on-line struct dev guide (page 135 in FrameMaker 7 version) seems to imply 
>that context rules of the form:
>If context is: Parent {first} < GrandParent, or
>If context is: Parent {after Grandparent} < * < SomeOtherAncestor
>are valid, but I can't get these rule to trigger. Are there any pitfalls here?

I can answer my own question - yes, there are: don't ignore intervening <TEXT>, 
which will cause the {first} or {after} rules to fail.

I am going down with some sort of bug: that's my excuse for muddle-headedness.

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