Try File > Import > Formats, and select paragraph and character tags,
imported from Current. Then select the check box for When Importing,
Remove Other Format/Layout Overrides. That should do what you


At 02:41 PM 4/7/2006, Karyn Hunt wrote:
>   I have some very old chapters from some very old books that I'm
>selectively copying and pasting into some new books. The new books have
>slightly different character tag settings (different indents and line
>spacing) so I'm importing the new formats into all the old chapters as I
>copy them in to the new books. Problem is, this old book had a whole lot
>of overrides and when I see the paragraph tags in the new book (in the
>paragraph tag field on the menu), the tag names have asterisks next to
>and have not yet picked up the new settings. So I'm having to go back
>and select each chunk of text and re-tag it with the same tag to make it
>pick up the new settings. Is there some shortcut to quickly update them
>all at once?

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