Hi fellow Framers,

I just wanted to send you all a quick update (if anybody cares) on my
scroll wheel problem, just on the off-chance that someone else is still
struggling with this and resigned (as I was) to just living with it not
working in Frame. Don't give up! There is hope!

Thanks, first, to those who responded with attempts to help, especially
Mike Wickham and Scott Prentice. In the end, it was one of Scott's
suggestions that did the trick: FlyWheel. 

Just to clarify the situation, I am using Frame 7.0, and updating to 7.2
at this point is not an option. I use Windows XP, with SP2. I use both a
standard MS-type mouse and a Logitech Trackman trackball. I had tried
installing a plethora of mouse drivers, according to archive and other
suggestions. I had tried FreeWheel several times. All to no avail.

However, FlyWheel, a no-longer-supported-thus-now-freebie utility has
done the trick! 

FWIW, with thanks again to all those who responded with attempts to help

Chuck Beck

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