I will be holding three evening presentations in Boston. There is no charge 
for attending, but space is limited. Please contact me if you would like to 
reserve a place.

-- Better PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers
Thursday, April 27 (6pm-7:30pm)

Demonstration/discussion of different techniques for improving and 
enriching PDFs authored in FrameMaker, and how to achieve these goals 
automatically & consistently using TimeSavers general settings or 
TimeSavers hypertext  markers placed in individual FrameMaker files.
[ For more info http://www.microtype.com/TimeSavers.html ]

-- Interactive 3D in PDFs with FM-to-Acrobat TimeSavers + 3D Assistant
Monday, May 1 (6pm-7:30pm)

An overview of 3D implementation in Acrobat, related features and potential 
benefits. A demonstration of how U3D files can be embedded in FrameMaker 
with related views, links, bookmarks & JavaScript (custom menus, tools, and 
animations), so that interactive 3D models, together with their specified 
features, are automatically present in the PDF file upon distilling.
[ For more info see 
http://www.microtype.com/TimeSavers_Assistants.html#3DAsst ]

-- ToolbarPlus Express 4.0 for FrameMaker/Windows
Thursday, May 4 (6pm-7:30pm)

Features and benefits of ToolbarPlus Express 4.0 for FrameMaker/Windows, 
* Enhanced formatting bar
* Improved context menus
* Numerous useful keyboard shortcuts
* Improved QuickAccess bar
[ For more info see http://www.microtype.com/ToolbarPlus.html ]

Shlomo Perets

MicroType, http://www.microtype.com * ToolbarPlus Express for FrameMaker
FrameMaker/Acrobat Seminars * FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

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