Does anyone here know what Adobe means by "Code point correction"? We
localize our manuals into several Eastern European languages (Czech, Polish,
Lithuanian, Hungarian), as well as Russian and Greek. Does this mean that
previously problematic character mappings have been fixed?

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Just for info: There is a new FrameMaker update.


Adobe FrameMaker 7.2p158 update for Windows - English, French, German, and

This download updates the English, French, German, and Japanese language
versions of Adobe? FrameMaker? 7.2b144 software (released in December
2005) to version 7.2p158.

The FrameMaker 7.2p158 patch for Windows? includes the following

* Code point correction providing added support for missing characters on
Cyrillic, Central European, and Baltic code pages for Windows.

* Fixed capability to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer onto the
FrameMaker Book window.

* Various fixes related to Undo, WMF/EMF filter, PDF conversion, DITA, and
XML schema.

* Added limited support for URL paths (e.g., http://...) in import and
export XML workflows for schema. The schema URL will need to map to a local
path (on disk) using the entity catalog file. The syntax for mapping is the
following: SYSTEM "http://url..."; "local path of schema".
Whenever you have an HTTP path for the schema file, FrameMaker will refer to
the local mapped file on the disk and will use this schema file for
processing. This support is not extended to schema in include, import, and
redefine elements. The URL path mapping support should not be used in
"import XML fragment" workflows.


More infos abaout these missing characters:
(section 5.3.3 "FrameMaker limitations with Eastern European languages")

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