At 01:20 AM 4/11/2006, Wim Hooghwinkel \(Scriptware\) wrote:
>If the error message:  " Message: Entity 'lang' was not found " appears, 
>and the entity has been defined in the rules file, what can be wrong? Do I 
>need an extra pointer in the DTD for these entitys?
>I defined the entity (entity "⟨" is fm char "[";) before the #include 
>""  statement.

   You must declare the entity in the DTD as well as supporting it with a 
read/write rule:

      <!ENTITY lang "[">

Furthermore, the name of the entity is "lang"; the leading & and closing ; 
delimit the entity reference from surrounding text. Therefore, the r/w rule 
you need is:

      entity "lang" is fm char "[";

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