Hi, Alan (and Hedley):

ID 2.x did export HTML, but later releases do not! There's an export 
"package" option for GoLive, but it's not HTML.

There are free scripts available at the Adobe Studio and InDesign 
User-to-User Forum that can export all stories in a file as RTF or 
text. You can export an ID file as XML, but you need to assign XML 
element tags to each object and story to do this.

Your suggestion to export as PDF and convert PDF to RTF is a 
reasonable workaround.

At 1:43 PM +1200 4/13/06, Alan Litchfield wrote:
>From http://www.adobe.com/products/indesign/indesign_508.html
>"Adobe InDesign 2.0 enables users to convert InDesign documents into
>text-based formats, such as Rich Text Format (RTF), Hypertext Markup Language
>(HTML), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and plain text (TXT). These formats
>can be accessed using standard tools, such as word processors."
>Of course, when one tries to do this by going File > Export...
>Well, here's the secret. Select the Text tool and the text frame you want to
>export to rtf. Go File > Export and hey presto. Instead of the usual PDF, etc.
>options, you now have a whole bunch of text related export options.
>But, you are only going to export the text flow you have selected ;)
>Option B. How about exporting to PDF, then saving from Acrobat as RTF?
>>  All:
>>  A colleague wants to know whether there is any way of exporting text
>>  content and graphics from InDesign to FrameMaker (either as binary FM or
>>  MIF).  Otherwise, export to Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) may have to
>>  suffice.  I've not used InDesign, so can't comment.
>>  You would think this was easy as both InDesign and FrameMaker are Adobe
>  > products, but a visit to Adobe's site was not very informative.


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