If there's no information on running Reader from a CD-ROM on the 
Adobe site, and it's not mentioned in the license, and no mention 
especially in the distribution requirements, it's a good bet that 
Adobe doesn't want their product to be distributed this way, even if 
it runs. Although Reader is free, it's not without licence 



Peter Gold
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Dave asked:

>  >> I spent some time searching Adobe's Web site, but
>  >> didn't find any information on a version of Acrobat Reader that runs
>  >> directly from the CD-ROM. If anyone is aware of where I can find this
>  >> information on Adobe's site, would you please send me the URL.
>  >>
>  >> Thanks in advance,
>  >>
>  >> Dave Bills

Diane replied:

At 9:07 PM -0700 4/12/06, Diane Gaskill wrote:
>I've done what your RFP asks for, but it was with an older version 
>of Acrobat Reader.
>I installed Reader on the hard disk and then just copied the entire 
>tree to a CD.  It
>worked fine.  However, Adobe has added security features to most of 
>its products
>and I cannot say whether this method will work with the current 
>version of Acrobat.
>But it's worth a try.  BTW, the product I had documented ran only on 
>a Windows system
>so there was no question regarding platforms.

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