I do not see that behavior. Here is what I just did:

I opened a container file and double-clicked a text inset.

I opened the text inset.

I selected a paragraph changed the paragraph tag definition to use a
completely different font. (Arial to Times New Roman) I updated the tag.

I added some random characters to the end of the graf to make sure the
changed Inset was in effect.

I saved the inset.

Back in the container file I double-clicked the inset and selected
Update Now.

My container file contains the same paragraph tag as the inset file. The
two fonts now disagree for this tag in the two files. The font in the
container file won.

I created a new tag in the inset The container file does not have this
tag at all. The tag appeared as I defined it in the inset and the
container file did not change it.

Does that help?

If you want the container file to control the formatting, make sure the
Inset and the container use exactly the same tag names.

Jim Light

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Text Insets take on formatting of source document ALWAYS!

Has anyone noticed that unless you choose plain text, the imported text
inset will have the formatting of the document that you are importing
and not the one into which the text inset is going? 

I'm sure it used to work in Frame 6. Wow, it sure makes my life

Could someone else test and see if my findings are correct??

Much appreciated.

Joan Robins Consulting, Inc.
joan at joanrobins.com


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