Becky wrote:  

> Every time I try to print a Framemaker book to postscript (or 
> save as PDF) I get the message - This PostScript file was 
> created from an encrypted PDF file.
> Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted. 

Berny replied: 

> Hi Becky,
> Your Frame files wouldn't happen to be referencing any PDFs 
> for graphics, would they? If one of those is encrypted it 
> could result in the error you're describing. Then again, is 
> it even possible to use such a file as a graphic?
> Anyone?

It's indeed possible. I import PDFs by reference all the time -- it's
the best way (IMO) to get Visio diagrams into FM. I have a meeting and
can't confirm it right now, but I think Berny's hypothesis is probably


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