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> From: Lynne A. Price [mailto:lprice at txstruct.com]
> At 03:55 PM 4/14/2006, Karen L. Zorn wrote:
> >Sorry, Bob, you can't apply conditions to character tags. 
> 8(((( You can find
> >the character tag then manually apply the condition.
> Bob,
>    You can also apply the condition once, use copy special to 
> copy the 
> condition to the clipboard, and then apply the condition to 
> all occurrences 
> of the character tag with a global Find/Change by pasting.
>          --Lynne

Thanks, Lynne. That will make it much easier--there's a lot of occurrences of 
this. I'd never noticed "Conditional Text Settings" hiding down there at the 
bottom of the Copy Special menu.

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