This is OT because am asking about creating PDFs using Acrobat 7 Pro from MS
Word 2002 in Windows XP, but this is the best place I can think to ask after
getting no response from the U2U forums.

I ahve an 8x6 page size in Word and it's a pain to create an 8x6 PDF from
that. Does anyone have the definitive steps needed?

I got it done, but I changed all of the following. What a pain. Am looking
to see if anyone knows the true path.

1) Create a joboption for the 8x6 size. By itself, this step doesn't work.
2) Edit Adobe PDF printer properties General > Printing Prefs > Layout >
Advanced AND Advanced > Printing Defaults > Layout > Advanced  to use the
8x6 size. This requires the step 4.
3) Set the Device settings to use the 8x6 size. This requires step 4.
4) In select Adobe PDF printer, then File > Server Properties to add an 8x6
form, but this is hit or miss and usually doesn't take. So I go round with

Eventually, it worked. Not sure how.


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