Hello Framers,
  I am knee-deep in a large FrameMaker 7.1 glossary, with nearly 1,000 text 
insets for the definitions. I believe the original concept was to use them as a 
single-source for software screen documentation. Life was a lovely until we 
translated the text insets into another language, requiring me to send the 
files away and having them opened on another computer. When the files came back 
from the translator, the text insets (by Reference) seem to manufacture their 
own link path, and thus are "unresolved." This effectively breaks the link to 
the text inset. 
  I tried saving the file as a MIF and editing the text inset path with a 
search/replace, but the file is just too big and locks up Notepad.
  Does anyone have any suggestions for either a) getting the text inset path to 
not change or b) globally update the path?
  I greatly appreciate your help.

  Jan Tharp
  Senior Technical Writer
  SoftBrands, Inc.

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