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Cause - superimposed text frame


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>I am experiencing a very peculiar problem with one of my documents.
>I try to modify a particular section and then save the document, the text
>jumbles up and is not legible. Its almost as though there are two text
>clashing into one another. This is not only a screen issue because the
>text situation is replicated when I print the affected section. 

The screenshot didn't come through (lists don't allow attachments),
but my guess is that you *do* have two flows.  This can happen if
you Ctrl-drag a text frame a tiny bit; you get a copy of it on top
of the original one.  It's easy to do this by accident when editing.
You need to delete the frame that is *not* in the exact position it
should be; check the position by Ctrl-clicking on the frame, then
looking at Graphics > Object Properties.  One of the two frames
should have slightly different properties than the ones you see
whan you check a frame on a different page; that's the one you need
to delete.


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