Hi, folks:

With the help of several stalwart frameusers, I successfully created thumb
tabs along the edge of a version of my fixit book.
However, my inkjet printer won't print close enough to the edge for the tabs
to "bleed." It will create the tabs with the text which can be viewed by
flipping through the book sideways, but they won't show when the book is

And I know that laser printers require even larger blank margins than
inkjets. So, perhaps this option shouldn't be offered to the on-line
customer without a warning. Or perhaps the tabs should be reformatted to
represent what can be realistically printed. Pity.

I have a vague recollection that, in the recent days when I was ferreting
out the tab formatting problem, someone wrote about the printing
difficulties of bleeding tabs, suggesting larger paper and cutting it
afterwards. But I can't find that e-mail. Furthermore, this doesn't seem
practical when one considers that most folks can only print on longer (14"),
not wider paper.

Perhaps bleeding tabs can only be handled by professional printers and
therefore included only in a hard bound version, not a print at home PDF.
True or false? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

~ Don Spencer

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