At 05:35 PM 4/18/2006, Lofthouse Marsha-PT1816 wrote:
>I'm getting the following error - many of them - when I save a
>structured FM file as xml and then try to open it in FM:
><path>; line 70
>FrameMaker cannot insert the table cell (Entry) at the current position.
>A cell must be in a table row.
>The file validates as does the EDD.
>When I look at the xml file saved from FM, I see what I want:
><Table xreftarget = "blah">
><TCaption>More blah blah</TCaption>

   The problem is that you have not specified the number of columns in the 
table. If the number of columns is fixed, you can specify it with a r/w 
rule. Otherwise, specify it in an XML-only attribute of the Table element. 
If you use the name "cols" for the attribute, you won't need a r/w rule. 
Otherwise, use a rule such as:

     attribute "myattname" is fm property columns;


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