Long time lurker-first time poster.
Using Windows XP SP2, FrameMaker 7.1 p116

I have a document with a frame in which I import a graphic by reference.
I need two pointer lines to draw attention to two separate areas on that
graphic. Our style guide requires parallel pointer lines. Using the
Tools Palette, I draw one line to callout a field. I select that line
and press Ctrl+C to copy it. I then re-select the graphic frame (to make
sure the copied line ends up in the right frame and not floating
around), then press Ctrl+V to paste the copied line. Sometimes it works
fine, most times either the copy or the paste action crashes Frame
completely and I lose everything. 

It happens often enough that I don't copy/paste in a graphic frame
Any clues?

Jenny Roberts

Information Technology-Client Services
SYSCO Corporation

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