Marcus wrote:
> If you check in Frame files you are storing a copy of the template
> information every single time you commit. This can chew up your storage
> space fairly quickly.

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) does binary deltas on FrameMaker binary files. 
Template information is not repeated on each check-in.  When one of our 
repositories had reached 4 Gb I thought I would archive then delete all 
versions prior to the most recent and start with a new slimmer repository. 
 After several days' work and lots of anguish, I managed to save about 20 
percent -- scarcely worth the trouble.  That is, the base versions 
constituted 80 percent of the repository and the binary deltas about 20 

Subversion also stores binary deltas, so you can jam your graphics, FM 
files and Auld Uncle Tom Cobbleigh n'all into your repository.  And it's 
free, client-server (either with WebDav plus Apache, or its own server), 
cross-platform and performs atomic commits of a group check-in, that is, 
if one file fails to check-in the entire group check-in fails (A Good 


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