Simple solution. In Autonumbering add a tab before and after the entry. 
In the tab settings make the first tab a right aligned tab and the 
second tab a left aligned tab. We usually put .15" in between the tabs 
and have the whole list indented .25".  Adjust tab spacing as needed if 
you run into lists with three digits.

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Steve Rickaby wrote:

>On seeing some FrameMaker output, an experienced proofreader has commented on 
>the fact that for numbered lists that run into two digits, the numbers are 
>left-aligned, rather than right-aligned - the implication is that, for 
>example, '9' should be aligned above the '0' of '10'.
>I must admit that this thought had not crossed my mind before, but of course 
>it's true. I've just checked a book set in Quark, and list numbers do indeed 
>right-align. As FrameMaker can only apply justification at the paragraph tag 
>level, and not at the character tag level, I cannot see a simple method of 
>achieving the desired alignment.
>Does anyone have any ideas?

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