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 > Thanks for the link. At first I thought I was reading a list of bugs,
 > but then I noticed that it says this is a list of fixes. Is there a list
 > of known issues?

 > I see a list of "Top issues" at
 > http://www.adobe.com/support/products/framemaker.html.

 > Is that all there is?

The http://www.microtype.com/FM_bugs.html list is organized as follows: 
each version/patch is in a separate section. At the top of the section are 
fixes to issues reported in previous versions. At the bottom of the section 
are issues which were experienced in that version/patch but not beforehand. 
Thus, if there is an issue from an older version and no fixes mentioned in 
any of the later versions/patches, then that issue still exists (i.e. known 
issue). The logic behind this method of organization is to enable you to 
see if a bug fix is relevant to your version or not.

For example, at the bottom of the list, under FM5.0 (released 1994), the 
following few items are listed, among others:
* Spell checker does not locate repeated words when they are not on the 
same line, or if their capitalization varies.
* Hypertext markers and cross-references in hidden conditional table rows 
are carried over to PDF as active links.
* Cross-references in text insets are not converted to active links
These issue are equally applicable to FM5.5, FM6.0, FM7.0, FM7.1 and FM7.2 
(even though they are not listed under these versions).

This list could have been arranged differently (e.g. database-driven, with 
queries, keywords etc.), but I am afraid that it would have been too 
labor-intensive for me.

Notice also that this list does not claim to include all known issues; I am 
dependent on the assistance of Framers' reports about both bugs and fixes, 
and on my availability.

Shlomo Perets

MicroType, http://www.microtype.com
Training, consulting & add-ons: FrameMaker, Structured FM and Acrobat

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