At 10:49 -0700 24/4/06, Jim Light wrote:

>Sometimes when I open and start paging through a FrameMaker file, I'll
>get several pages in, press Page Down and instead of getting the next
>page, I'm taken back to the first page.
>This isn't a huge problem, and I have never noticed any serious
>consequences. It just happened again and I'm using the latest build
>Is this just a quirk I should learn to love or can I prevent it?

Jim - as far as I can remember, this is a known bug caused by imported EPS 
graphics that's been present since at least V 5. I don't seem to have a note of 
the specific cause, or a workaround, other than turning off graphics display 
when you don't need it.

If this is indeed the same bug, Rick Quattro has a plug-in that fixes it. 
Here's his comments from last time round, to save him having to type them in 
again ;-)

At 08:21 -0500 10/12/05, Rick Quatro wrote:

>This is what I like to call FrameMaker's "Scroll Back Bug". It is a known bug 
>explained by Adobe at
>My automated solution for solving it is my RunaroundNone plugin. It is Windows 
>only, and I think you are on the Mac. If you have FrameScript for the Mac, I 
>can write a script that will basically duplicate its functionality. For 
>details on what needs to be changed in the document, go to my Plugins page and 
>click the RunaroundNone link. If you have to, you can save your documents as 
>MIF and fix them in the MIF code.

At 08:52 -0500 10/12/05, Rick Quatro wrote:

>In the case of the Scroll Back Bug, the bottom line for fixing it is to set 
>the Runaround properties for imported graphics to Don't Run Around. With a 
>script, you can loop through all of the graphics in a document (or book), and 
>change the Runaround property. You can also do this by changing the MIF file. 
>You can search for this
><RunaroundType Contour>
>and replace with
><RunaroundType None>
>The other problem is that when you import a graphic, the Runaround value is 
>set to Run around Contour by default. A FrameScript event script can be set to 
>automatically change it to Don't Run Around whenever you import a graphic. 
>This prevents the problem from reoccurring going forward.


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