Hi Ranvijay

I don't know if anyone's replied to you off list, but I can't see any replies 
to the list so I thought I would reply. 

You need to give us different information. The image you attached got dropped 
by the list - the list won't accept any attachments. Also, FM gives internal 
errors for many things and they aren't much help to anyone but Adobe engineers. 
Adobe engineers don't read this list. Try searching Adobe's knowledgebase for 
your error number at:

If that doesn't help, try emailing the list again, describing what you're doing 
when it crashes, and anything that's unusual about that particular file ... 
other than the crash :-(

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Ranvijay Chandel" <chandel.ranvijay at gmail.com> 25/04/06 17:39:46 >>>
Hi All,

This is a critical error that I am getting when I save one particular
framemaker file in my book.

It does not give this error for other framemaker files.

Please see the attached image for details about the error.

Please provide a solution or workaround to this problem.

Thanks and regards,

Ranvijay Chandel

Information Developer

Yantra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore (India)

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