Hi Rosemary,

Go to File > Preferences > General and uncheck Remember Missing Font Names. 
Now when FrameMaker makes the font substitution in the document, it will be 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


Does anyone know how to override missing fonts?

Here is my issue: When opening a file, FM gives me the missing font/will be 
reformatted message. I click OK. The document is automatically reformatted.

I save and close. When I open the doc again, I get the missing font message. 
The formats were not saved afterall.

If anyone knows why this is, and how I can work around it, I'd appreciate 
your help.

Also, has anyone out there had to buy Adobe Type in order to use fonts FM 
defaults to?

Rosemary Tinsley, Technical Writer
Myrio - Siemens

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