Hi all,

Once again, I'm responding today to yesterday's posts, because I get
them by digest. I'd like to comment on a couple items:

Subject: FrameMaker Keyboard Shortcuts

I have a list of the shortcuts that I have found to be the most useful
(some of which I have not seen in the official FrameMaker documentation,
though they might be there somewhere). I am more than happy to share my
list with anyone who wants it. It is by no means an exhaustive list,
though, so user beware. If interested, let me know offline and I'll send
it to you. 

I would also be interested in seeing a complete list, so if anyone has
one, it might be nice to share it with the whole list--but in any case,
if you have one, please let me know.


Subject: A Technical Writing Suite From Adobe?

At the risk of being accused of jumping on the bandwagon, I have to
confess that I too am less than underwhelmed by the prospect of a
technical writing suite from Adobe. While I am a fairly devoted and
loyal FrameMaker user, I have always been very unimpressed with
RoboHelp. I never could understand why it won in the marketplace over
products like ForeHelp (anyone remember *that* one? --Great product and
the best tech support I've ever encountered!). I have little use for
Acrobat 3D or Captivate, and most of the technical communicators I know
are the same, so I really have to question how realistically Scott
Abel's crystal ball sees.

FWIW, I agree with Daniel Emory's suggestions. They make excellent sense
to me. Is anyone at Adobe listening?


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