On 28 Apr 2006, at 13:54, David Creamer wrote:

> That being said, with older page-layout programs (Frame, Quark, etc.), 
> I
> would stick with EPS for most vector art. So I would save an 
> Illustrator
> file as an EPS. An old trick to improve the preview is to make the 
> vector
> graphic larger than necessary, then reduce in the layout program. 
> Since it
> is vector, the file size should not grow proportionally.

For a spot of Friday afternoon FM trivia, NeXT FrameMaker can import 
native AI files.

"Modern" apps such as InDesign and Apple's Pages use the actual vector 
data in imported EPS files for display, so graphics look beautiful 

I was going to add that Mac OS X's Quartz text smoothing makes Windows 
ClearType technology look like I've put my Dad's glasses on by mistake, 
but I won't. But then, Adobe's "major" apps use Adobe's CoolType, which 
gets around the issue for those serious about type.


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