On 31 Mar 2006, at 00:59, Shlomo Perets wrote:

> The PDF "e-book" that comes with Microsoft Manual of Style, 3rd  
> edition, is this month's guest at the Hmmm... corner at microtype.com.  
> Authored with FrameMaker 7.0, this PDF has a total of ... one link  
> (which happens to be a bad link), see  
> http://www.microtype.com/Hmmm.html

You certainly have a point there, Shlomo, but the PDF version is a  
godsend to Mac and UNIX users. In fact, I'm out of the office traveling  
in Japan right now and was able to look something up about check boxes  
thanks to the PDF.

Personally, I've always preferred Apple's Publications Style Guide but  
follow the MS way if I believe the consistency will help users.

Apple updated its guide in January.

Incidentally, my mate Bruce insists that "Microsoft Manual of Style" is  
an oxymoron ;-)


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