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>* If you produce an interactive PDF, visit 
>for information about a plug-in that helps fix the links 
>created by See Also references.

I'll second Shlomo's recommendation of IndexRef.  It
makes the See/See also refs in the index into hyperlinks
within the index, meaning you can use them in Frame as
well as in PDF.  And when you convert the Frame files
to Word (or HTML) with Mif2Go, we preserve those links.
Don't know if WWP does too (for HTML), but it should.

If you don't use IndexRef, you get either no links at
all for See/See also, or, worse, links to the place in 
the text where you have the marker that created the
entry, a definite "huh?" moment for your readers.

Fortunately IndexRef is inexpensive, only $25.  And
Ian's tech support is very, very good.  Like Shlomo's.  ;-)

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