On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Murray Moore wrote:

> When one thing doesn't work, often it seems other things also do not work.
> I have saved the chapter two ways:

> * File ~> Save As... ~> Save as type MIF (*.mif)
This is the one you want.

> But neither method has produced a text file, just a copy of the FM file 
> with a .mif extension.

That's odd... the file is actually in binary format? What happens if you 
bring it into a plain text editor, such as wordpad?

If it really is an FM binary, AND you actually did select the save-as mif 
option, something is broken.

But don't try to open the MIF save in FM, as it will convert it right back 
to an FM doc. Use a plain text editor to open the MIF version. (There 
might have been a way to prevent FM from doing this auto convert of mif on 
open, but durned if I can remember it now.)

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